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Microwave Oven Cleaning Services

The Number One Microwave Oven Cleaning Service

The mighty microwave is a saving grace for a family on the go. But with reheated leftovers and on-the-go ready meals comes a plethora of grease and grime. Since it’s such a quick fix for a faster meal, it oven gets overlooked when it comes to the cleaning chores.

With a build-up of grime and steaming food particles, microwaves can often get filthy, including the inside roof! It’s a haven for food splashes and stains. It’s so important to keep these areas clean on a regular basis, but there’s no need to get your own hands dirty. As part of our premium oven cleaning services, we’ll service your microwave back to brand new!

Our Microwave Oven Cleaning Process

When you first book your appointment, you will send us photographs of your microwave oven, from which we will be able to give you an accurate quote for our cleaning work. At the prearranged time, our local extractor hood cleaning technician will arrive at your home to inspect your microwave and prepare it for cleaning.

Dismantling and soaking
Our technician will take out any removable parts from your microwave oven (usually the tempered glass turntable, turntable ring, and any other cooking accessories). These will be taken to their mobile cleaning van, where they will be plunged into our unique stainless-steel dipping tank filled with our proprietary cleaning products to soak.

Deep cleaning your microwave oven
While the turntable and other components are soaking, your cleaning technician will start to deep clean your microwave, using cleaning products of the highest quality. This includes removing grease, grime, and stains from the interior and exterior of the oven.

Reassembling and restoring
Once your microwave accessories and any removable parts are finished with their soak, our local technician will rinse and wipe them clean. Any detachable parts will be reassembled, and the turntable ring and turntable will be replaced in the oven, ready for regular use.

Microwave Ovens

Microwave Oven CleaningOur unique and environmentally friendly products are also designed to clean microwave ovens beautifully. We have the technical expertise to cope with all makes and models whether a ‘standard’ microwave or a ‘combination’ microwave oven/grill.

Hundreds of happy customers trust Ovenu to their microwaves back to gleaming new with our premium microwave cleaning services.

Specialised Microwave Oven Cleaning Services

All our skilled technicians are fully trained to valet all makes and models of kitchen appliances, including hobsextractor hoods and microwave ovens.

When you contact Ovenu for your free oven cleaning quotation, our knowledgeable and friendly experts will ask you a series of questions.

This will help them gather the necessary details and determine the type of appliance you need cleaning so that they can provide you with a firm quote. This way, no matter what kind of oven you have, our technicians will be ready to perform at their very best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s everything you need to know about microwave oven cleaning:

How long does a professional microwave oven cleaning take?

Like all kitchen appliances, the time required to clean a microwave oven can vary from one job to the next. The main factor in cleaning times is how dirty the microwave is and whether it requires two or more applications of cleaning products. As a general rule of thumb, most microwave ovens can be cleaned within 1-2 hours. Your local cleaning technician will be able to offer a more accurate estimate once they’ve seen the condition of your microwave for themselves.

How much does professional microwave oven cleaning cost?

Ovenu provides bespoke quotes for every microwave oven clean. The cost depends on the amount of time it will take our technician to complete the cleaning process. Once we have seen photographs of the oven or inspected it ourselves on site, we will be able to give you a free and accurate no-obligation quote for our services.

Why should you pay for professional microwave oven cleaning?

The microwave oven is a popular addition to any modern kitchen. It’s not just used for warming up leftovers or heating ready meals. With modern convection microwave ovens, you can prepare a wide variety of delicious meals.

The cost of this convenience is that food heated up in the microwave tends to splatter on the inside of the machine. Over time, this leads to a buildup of moisture, grease, and food particles that can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria. This puts you at risk of food poisoning if you continue to use your microwave while in that condition, not to mention it could be a possible fire risk if too much fat and grease builds up on the interior walls.

Despite being smaller than most conventional ovens, a microwave oven can be just as tricky to clean, if not more so, if you don’t know what you’re doing. Indeed, the smaller size makes it harder to reach all the nooks and crannies. This is precisely why Ovenu has developed our professional microwave oven cleaning service. You get guaranteed results without any of the hard work.

How often should you get your microwave oven professionally cleaned?

Like any kind of oven, how often your microwave needs to be cleaned depends entirely on how often you use it and how well you maintain it between deep cleans. If you’re only using your microwave oven a handful of times a week and you’re taking the time to wipe it down after each use, you can normally get away with a deep clean once every two years.

If you use the microwave more frequently, of course, you will need a more regular cleaning schedule. For frequent users, we recommend a professional cleaning every 12–18 months, though this depends on how dirty your microwave is. If in doubt, give us a call and ask our professional cleaning technicians for their advice.

How can you maintain your microwave oven after a professional clean?

Once your microwave oven has been deep cleaned, you can extend the time before the next one by following these simple maintenance tips:

Wipe down the inside of your microwave oven after each use (allowing the interior to cool down, of course). This simple act reduces the chance of grease and dirt accumulating on the interior walls.

Wipe up any spills immediately. If your microwaved food or drink overflows its container, make sure you wipe it up as soon as possible. Food left to congeal on the turntable will not only stain the microwave but also any other bowls, plates, or other tableware you might put in afterwards. This is quite aside from it being unpleasant and a possible health risk.

Leave your microwave door open after use. Once you remove your food from the microwave, let the door stay open while it cools down. This allows any steam to escape into the kitchen rather than condensing on the inside of the microwave, which can promote bacterial growth.

Wash your turntable and turntable ring regularly. Your turntable is normally made of tempered glass, which can easily stain with repeated spills and heating. It’s easy enough to clean as you go, requiring only hot, soapy water in most instances. You should also clean the turntable ring, particularly the wheels on which it moves, as these are prone to getting clogged with food particles.

How do you book a professional microwave oven cleaning?

You can book a microwave oven cleaning by one of our trained technicians by filling in the request form elsewhere on this page.

An experienced member of our team from your local area will call you back as soon as possible to discuss your specific cleaning needs and any images you have provided of your microwave oven. From here, they will be able to give you an accurate quote for the cleaning work.

If you’re satisfied with the cost, we will arrange a date and time that’s convenient for you. We guarantee to arrive on time, every time.

What cleaning products do you use to clean microwave ovens?

Ovenu uses our own proprietary cleaning products when cleaning microwave ovens. These are guaranteed to be free of caustic soda and have been approved by the Vitreous Enamel Association.

These products include Ovenu Tank Mix Powder Oven Cleaner, Ovenu Liquid Degrease, Ovenu Carbon Remover Oven Cleaner, and Ovenu Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish.