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Pricing Policy

Happy to offer you a set oven cleaning price for our premium quality service.

Pricing PolicyAt Ovenu, we understand that the oven cleaning cost is an important factor. We also need to emphasise that a low price for an oven cleaning service (or any other service) will generally revolve around low quality. So, whilst some households may use their oven at least once a day, others may only use theirs once a week. Because of this, the state of each oven will vary a little but our oven valeting costs are fixed depending on the appliance rather than the condition. To ensure that you receive the best possible oven cleaning price from us, we go the extra mile to make sure we contact you to discuss your exact needs and then provide a fully itemised quote and/or Booking Confirmation that we’ll email over to you.

Rather than have a rigid pricing policy, where you may end up paying more for a service you don’t need, our prices, much like our products, are bespoke. We are able to give you a firm quotation from the details you provide us with, either over the phone or via our online contact form where you can include images. For example, if you have a large, 4 compartment range oven but only want 2 of the compartments cleaned, that’s exactly what we’ll quote for rather than the entire appliance.

The overall cost of our service depends largely on a number of factors, including your location, your oven and any other appliances such as the hob, extractor hood or microwave that you’d like deep cleaning whilst we’re there. The quote we offer you is all-inclusive, meaning there are no hidden-fees. It will, include all the labour costs and materials as well as full insurance cover for each of our technicians to give you peace-of-mind. With Ovenu it truly is a matter of getting what you pay for.

Are We The Cheapest?Ovenu’s experienced team of skilled technicians are all trained to an ISO standard, allowing them to deliver an unparalleled service. We are dedicated on providing you with the highest quality & best service in the business. Take a look at any one of the glowing testimonials over on each technician’s individual page and you’ll see how happy our clients are.

Whilst other companies may have to return once or twice in order to finish the cleaning job properly, our oven cleaning service will leave your oven spotless on the first visit. The price of our services and time our visits take largely depend on the size of your appliance. Our expert valet service may take slightly longer and therefore cost marginally more for those of you who are lucky enough to own a large AGA than it does for those who use regular width ovens. But, no matter what the size of your appliance, all our expert technicians are dedicated to spending the time and effort it takes to get your oven thoroughly cleaned. We’ll even clean the parts you can’t see, so you can be sure your oven’s cleanliness will last.

Ovenu Guarantee You:

  • A very prompt response to your enquiry
  • An all-inclusive quotation based on the information you supply
  • The highest level of professionalism, including punctuality and politeness
  • Trusted and local service with a smile
  • Unique environmentally friendly, caustic soda-free products used both inside your home and outside in our vans
  • ISO standard, fully trained technicians.


British Franchise Association full member for 10 years.

All our technicians are owners of an Ovenu oven cleaning franchise. We were proud to be a full member of the British Franchise Association for 10 years and details of membership criteria can be found on the British Franchise Association website.

Cancellation and Reschedule Policy

We appreciate that there are times when an appointment needs to be re-arranged, postponed or, in exceptional circumstances, cancelled. Please note our fees below to cover costs in these circumstances.

Where an appointment is rescheduled and we have received at least 48 hrs notice, there is no fee payable. Notification within 36 hrs will attract a 10% of the booked work fee and rescheduled appointments where we are notified on the day that works are diaried to be undertaken will attract a 25% of the booked work fee.

In cases when works are cancelled and not rescheduled, the following policy applies. There is no fee if we are given in excess of 48 hours notice. Cancellation notification within 36 hrs of a diaried appointment will attract a 50% of the booked work fee and cancellation notification on the day that an appointment is booked will attract a 100% fee.

Please note that the above policy is at the discretion of all Ovenu franchise owners.

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