Ovenu UK Annual General Meeting Held at The Abbey Hotel

Ovenu UK Annual General Meeting Held at The Abbey Hotel

By on 31st August 2023 (updated: 23rd January 2024) in Blog

As a family-run business, we know how important it is to not only keep in touch but also keep everyone up to date with the inner workings of the business. Our AGM is nothing like the corporate event that most people dread.

This annual get-together is to share experiences, reports and news, and to toast a drink with the rest of the Ovenu team. This year the head office team and franchisees met together at The Abbey Hotel Golf and Spa in Redditch.

With stunning golf course scenery and relaxing spa treatments available, The Abbey Hotel was the best place to share our experiences over some great grub and numerous games, recounting the year and looking forward to what to expect at Ovenu.

The Ovenu management team

The Ovenu management team

Corporate on the outside with Family on the inside

At Ovenu, our aim is to make everyone, old or new to the business, feel right at home. Although each branch is led by individuals and families themselves, we see the wider community of Ovenu franchisees as one big connected community.

Like the uncles and aunts you get to see at weddings and holidays, we’re all there to meet at our AGM to get to know each other, share our experiences in business and overall enjoy the time together.

Ovenu embodies a close-knit family-like environment internally, fostering strong bonds among team members, whilst maintaining our professional and corporate appearance to the public. This duality showcases the balance between personal relationships within the team and the polished, business-oriented side we present to clients and our franchisees.

Although we have the professional infrastructure, top-notch branding, a great share of market voice, and a tried and true formula for transforming the nation’s ovens, our AGMs are anything but corporate. Read on to find out what the day looks like for our friendly network of franchisees.

What the day looked like

Unlike other dreary corporate events, Ovenu takes team days a little more casually. The Friday afternoon was kicked off with a hot and cold buffet, 18 holes of golf for those who fancied it, or an opportunity to play virtual reality games.

This relaxing day was spent getting to know colleagues, for new franchisees to introduce themselves and for old acquaintances to reconnect. The chilled day was followed by a no-frills dinner, with pop quiz bingo and drinks.

The following morning started with a hearty Full English and our team members made use of the amazing spa facilities and the VR gaming station before a buffet lunch. This is when the magic began.

Our main, annual meeting is where we explain what we’ve seen occurring over the last year. We take a look at our facts and figures on the growth of each branch as well as the company as a whole. We chat about how we see things working going forward and make conscious decisions collectively as a team. Nothing like the corporate event that is revered by many.

See more of how it went down in this video from founder and director, Rik Hellewell.

Figures to be proud of

We’ve traded since 1994 and have encountered all kinds of economic conditions but all in all, remained pretty busy throughout, and now is no exception. When people are low on disposable income to buy new stuff generally, they turn to us to ‘make do and mend’.

This sustainable way of thinking has led more and more customers to use Ovenu services in recent months and the reviews are a testament to the hard work we’ve put in over the years.

Ovenu recently hit a massive 40,000 reviews landmark and we’re rated 5 stars on Trustist. It’s a pleasure to be a part of such a strong team, with second-to-none customer service, client satisfaction and a professional oven-cleaning method that proves itself every time.

Our shared values, overall mission and common objectives unify the wider Ovenu team, from reaching goals, to offering support every step of the way. If you’re interested in joining the Ovenu community, take a look at our Ovenu Sale and Resale pages, or hear from our franchisees themselves.

Going forward

Within the next year, we’ll be celebrating 30 years in business. Next April will be a massive milestone for the company and we look forward to celebrating this with our extended teammates and Ovenu franchisees.

Ovenu has a brand new Guide Dog Puppy, Ralph, that we’re supporting. Our previous guide dog, Selsey, had a form of hip dysplasia that meant she didn’t quite fit the bill as a Guide Dog once her initial training was complete. We look forward to training young Ralph and giving him the love and care needed to grow into a responsible guide dog.

Furthermore, the founder and managing director of the Ovenu franchise, Rik Hellewell would like to extend his gratitude to all of those in attendance and well wishes for the year ahead. Want to learn more about becoming a franchisee? Learn more from our founder and director himself.

owner of ovenu

Rik Hellewell is the Founder & Managing Director of Ovenu and a member of the Approved Franchise Association. He established Ovenu in 1993, cleaning 4,000 ovens and proving his concept over five years before starting the franchise business. Since then he has helped over 200 franchisees achieve their dreams of running successful businesses of their own. Established for over 25 years, the Ovenu concept has proven successful across the UK, New Zealand, Australia and the USA.