Self-cleaning Ovens vs a Professionally Cleaned Oven

Self-cleaning Ovens vs a Professionally Cleaned Oven

By on 31st March 2023 (updated: 18th March 2024) in Blog

Self-cleaning Ovens vs a Professionally Cleaned Oven

If your oven is in need of a bit of TLC, you might want to take a look at its manual. A lot of modern ovens have a self-cleaning mode. But what does self-cleaning really mean? And how reliable is it when compared to a professional oven cleaning?

Well, you’re about to find out as Ovenu put self-cleaning ovens to the test against our very own professional oven-cleaning experts. We’ll be rolling up our sleeves and getting right down to the nitty-gritty of how self-cleaning ovens work, and if they’re really worth the fuss.

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How does a self-cleaning oven work?

Well, your oven isn’t going to whip out some gloves and start cleaning itself, that’s for sure. No, self-cleaning ovens typically use two different methods.

The high heat option uses high temperatures to burn away any residue and turn it to ash, in which case you’ll need to wipe away the debris at the end.

Whereas, some convection ovens use steam in a similar way to help peel away those nasty burnt-on stains. Both options involve keeping your oven door closed or locked for a variable period of time.

How long do oven self-cleaning modes take?

The make and model of your oven will dictate the length of the cycle, and whether there’s a self-cleaning mode in general. Some ovens also have intensity settings from light residue to intensive cleaning. So, for the sake of our head-to-head challenge, we’ll be referring to a full deep clean of the oven.

Some self-cleaning ovens can take only 2 hours for a full deep clean, whereas others can take up to 6 hours, reaching over 450°C. The high-temperature method is also always the longest method, compared to the steam method mentioned previously.

Are self-cleaning ovens worth it?

Now that’s the tricky question!

If you’re looking to buy a new oven, it might be worth checking if your current one is broken, or just in need of cleaning. Because if it just needs a good cleaning, you’re in luck and can save yourself hundreds of pounds buying a new one. However, there are other aspects to look into, such as energy costs and overall capabilities.

Opting for a self-cleaning oven may save you time and elbow grease, but it won’t save you money. The pyrolitic cycles also need a typical 1-hour cool-down period. This can amount to a long time running the appliance which should be factored in when looking to buy as the energy costs can stack up.

If you’re happy to spend the extra money, self-cleaning ovens can be great. Especially for on-the-go people. However, the self-cleaning option doesn’t apply to the surrounding features, stovetop and racks must be removed due to the high temperatures, so you’ll still need to roll up your sleeves for a full deep clean.

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How to professionally clean an oven: a step-by-step guide

Our professional oven cleaning experts are here to show you the Ovenu method of a sparkling oven, without the need for high heat or nasty chemicals.

First off, all of our professional oven cleaners use eco-friendly cleaning products. This is to ensure no hazardous surprises and to keep in line with our environmental policy to offer maximum performance with minimal environmental impact, if any!

These are our tried and tested formulas and you can’t buy them anywhere off the shelf. Our secret recipes can lift grime like no other, coupled with our unique stainless-steel dipping tank, Ovenu experts get the job done quicker and more effectively than self-cleaning options. That includes your own elbow grease and sponge!

So, how do we do it?

  1. Once you’ve booked an appointment through our contact form, we’ll offer a same-date quote and book you in for the best date and time suitable for you. Then, we’ll be there on the dot, ready to prepare your oven for cleaning.
  2. Our fully-trained technicians will then dismantle all the parts of your oven, including the racks, hob rings and glass door. We’ve worked with hundreds of oven types and models, so we know our way around and they all have their own nacks! We’ll place all these parts in our unique stainless-steel dipping tank to soak in our eco-friendly proprietary products.
  3. Whilst the components soak, we get to work on scrubbing the inside of your oven. Using only the best cleaning products, we’ll remove all the grease and grime in efficient time.
  4. Lastly, we’ll restore your oven back to its original gleaming self, with all its components intact and sparkling. One final polish and we’re done!

Possibly the quickest and most effective way to clean an oven is by hiring a professional. Ovenu cleans where a self-cleaning oven can’t, we’ll cover all bases from racks to stovetops and hard-to-reach places like oven door glass, behind assisted fans and behind rear panels.

Not only do we know our way around all oven types, but our eco-friendly products and cross-company training methods shine through.

Andy Neal of Ovenu Southampton

Andy Neal of Ovenu Southampton

How long does it take to professionally clean an oven?

Much depends on the make and model of your oven, some have more intricate parts and need longer to dismantle, whereas others are more straightforward. An Ovenu professional oven clean takes around 2 hours to complete. However, we can give you an estimate if you provide us with information about your oven.

Can a self-cleaning oven be cleaned professionally?

They certainly can. A ‘self-cleaning’ oven is really just a mode which allows the heat to reach certain temperatures. Any oven brand or model, including AGA ovens, hood extractors and hob rings can be cleaned in one visit by our experienced oven cleaning professionals.

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So, is it time to search for that manual, or give us a call? If you’re still not convinced by ‘self-cleaning’ ovens, let our Ovenu experts get their hands dirty with your oven and see the difference when using eco-friendly cleaning products and 30+ years of tried and true cleaning techniques. We’ve seen it all, so why not give us a call?

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