Cleaning Your Oven After A Big Meal

Annoyed woman cleaning the ovenIf you regularly use your oven to cook large meals (maybe you tried your hand at one of our tantalising lamb recipes from last week?), chances are you know how quickly dirt and grime can accumulate inside and out.

Those layers of burnt food don’t just make your oven’s insides look bad either; they can cause serious issues, and affect your oven’s ability to function properly. This is why it’s important that you keep your appliance in a good shape by regularly cleaning it out.

While Ovenu are here to provide your oven appliances with a thorough valeting whenever you need it, there are some simple cleaning tips you can carry out at home to preserve your ovens cleanliness.


Some ovens are fitted with a self-cleaning function. While this may seem like a great quick fix, it can actually cause several problems, as the process heats the oven to abnormal temperatures in order to burn away any dirt. The intense heat has been known to cause ovens to break down, rendering them useless, so don’t use this function if you’re planning on cooking dinner any time soon.

Get tooled up

There’s no point starting a job without the right equipment. Before you even begin cooking the meal you should have all your products on hand and ready to use.

When it comes to choosing cleaning products, be wary of those that contain chemicals which could prove harmful to either you or your oven. Make sure you don’t mix any chemicals together, as this could have disastrous effects.

The enamel inside your oven may be particularly sensitive to certain chemicals, so always read the label before you use a product. It’s best to avoid potentially toxic products, and check for those branded with the Vitreous Enamel Association badge, which will ensure that they’ve been certified as safe to use.

If possible, try to stick to natural products. A mixture of bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar is considerably inexpensive to make and often works just as well as the store-brought chemical cleaners.

Unless you’re cleaning an iron-clad AGA it’s best that you avoid wire brushes and scouring pads when scrubbing away the dirt. These could scratch your oven pretty bad and cause unnecessary damage, so stick to using standard scrubbing brushes and dish clothes instead of their metal counterparts.

Before you cook

For a truly painless clean up, you’re going to want to make sure you begin with a completely clean workspace. Your kitchen will become messier the more you cook. If you’re piling all this work on top of what is already a dirty oven, it’s going to take much longer to clean up later. By giving your oven, and kitchen, a quick wipe down before you start cooking, you’re saving yourself a lot of time and effort later down the line.

Clean as you cook

Chances are that the more technical the meal, the more mess you’ll make. If you clean everything as soon as you’ve used it, or even just leave those items with slightly tougher stains to soak, it will make life a lot easier later on. Taking out the used oven trays and racks and submerging them in water whilst you eat will make cleaning them after much less of a hassle.

Don’t Delay

It’s understandable that after consuming a big meal you probably want nothing more than to relax. However, cleaning your oven as quickly as possible after you’ve eaten will help you get a jump start on the left overs before they cool and stick to your plates and dishes.

Elbow Grease

Things can get extremely messy when cleaning a particularly dirty oven, so it’s definitely not the kind of job that should be attempted in your Sunday best. Burnt on grease, fat and food can leave you appliance with some truly tough to remove stained, so it may take longer to clean than expected. If you haven’t got the time or resources to clean your oven, you can call on our trusted technicians at Ovenu.

Ovenu SpecialistDon’t Exert Yourself

Whilst it’s important that your oven is clean, there’s no point over-exerting yourself, or attempting to clean the parts of your appliance that you can’t see or don’t understand. Attempting to clean the unseen components in your oven could end up doing damage to either you or the appliance.

Our friendly technicians are trained to give your oven a thorough valeting service. They are able to individually and effectively clean each part of your oven, then efficiently put it all back together and leave it looking like new when they leave. They’re also fully insured, so you’re completely safe in case an unlikely unfortunate event does happen.

To find out more about our exceptional oven valeting service, contact Ovenu today.


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