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The Dangers Of A Dirty Oven

By on 17th February 2014 (updated: 22nd September 2021)

Dirty Oven

Now we all know that cleaning the oven is perhaps the worst out of all of the household chores. We frantically do our best to clean the specks of dirt that we, and our visitors, can see on an everyday basis, often ignoring important equipment like the microwave or stove. But did you know that there are a number of dangers and risks associated with neglecting a dirty cooker?

Take a look below at some of the problems an unclean oven can cause, whether you’re a homeowner or you run a business.

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Fire Hazard

To state the obvious, cooking at high temperatures with old food stuck to your stove’s interior can bring a number of fire hazards to your kitchen. Any food or grease that has collected in your cooker will often stick to the hot plating, grills and metal trays; continuing to burn.

I’m sure if you asked your average fire fighter how many calls they respond to because of an oven fire, the number would be way above anything you would have expected. Kitchen fires actually account for more than half of the accidental domestic fires in the UK, and around 70% of these are cooking related.

On top of a probable fire, proceeding to bake with burnt grease and a dinner from way back when will likely fill your kitchen with a thick plume of smoke that is sure to cause a lot of discomfort to your customers or pose a real threat to your building and its occupants.

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It’s not just fire hazards and failed health and safety checks you need to worry about. Think about the impact that a sticky oven will have on the quality of the meals you are preparing.

A stove that is full of smouldering oil and grub can ruin the flavour of your food, filling it with a nasty, smoky taste. In addition to this, the grease that clings to the surface of your interior might trickle into your food while it is roasting, and ingesting this is not good for your health.

To top it all off, the grit that gets stuck on the inside of your stove often tends to obstruct your cooker’s heat sources like the grill or fan (if you have a fan assisted oven), meaning that your food is less likely to cook thoroughly. This is particularly dangerous when preparing meat, like chicken, as you may run the risk of getting food poisoning if your food is not properly cooked.

Health Inspections

For business owners, an unexpected drop in from the health and safety inspector can have your eatery closed down in a heartbeat if they find out that you are cooking for customers in a mucky stove.

This can cause a huge headache for such a simple task; and even if you cannot fit in the time to get your cookers spick and span, cleaning services like what we offer here at Ovenu can.

Cleaning it Yourself

Although cleaning out the oven is paramount to keeping a clean and healthy kitchen, there are also a number of dangers involved in the process.

The majority of cleaning products available in your local shop contain chemicals that can be harmful if inhaled or come into contact with your skin and eyes. That’s why we recommend that you leave it to the professionals.

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We hope you have found this post useful. If your oven is due a clean then our professional oven cleaners have the skills and expertise to get the job done.

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