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British Food Fortnight Competition! Now Closed… winner announced shortly!

in Latest News by AliM

At Ovenu, we’re passionate supporters of British food and drink and love being a part of the industry through our contribution of cleaning up the UK’s ovens! This year, we’d like to celebrate by taking part in British Food Fortnight, a national festival that takes place annually every autumn across the country to highlight British farmers, producers and retailers and the fantastic home grown food and drink they make and the related services they provide. This year the event will be hosted 23rd September to 8th October 2017.

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Indulgent Microwave Mug Cakes Recipes

in Cooking by Rik Hellewell

Mug cake

Want a quick and easy recipe for a delicious and indulgent treat!? Of course you do! If you haven’t heard of them before, microwave mug cakes are as straightforward and as simple as they sound. Combine a few ingredients in a mug and pop it in the microwave to bake for a few minutes. When your microwave pings you’ll be left with a tasty baked dessert! The best thing about them is that no oven’s required and there’s no mess!
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Top Tips to Get Your Microwave Sparkling Clean

in Cleaning Tips, Self Cleaning Oven by Rik Hellewell


Considering how frequently households use the kitchen microwave, it’s surprising how often they are overlooked. We often clean our countertops, fridges, hobs, sinks and other appliances every week while only cleaning the microwave every once in a while, and that usually means only cleaning the door of the appliance! That might make things look good on the outside but it’s important not to forget what could be lurking inside when not this piece of equipment is not properly attended to.
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A Guide to Cleaning Oven Trays

in Cleaning Tips, Self Cleaning Oven by Rik Hellewell

Dirty Oven Tray

Greasy, sticky or burnt oven trays are never a good look. They can be tough to clean, and it may sometimes feel like it is impossible to remove their blackened marks and encrusted food accumulation. And so, you might find the temptation arising to give up and resign yourself to just buying a new set of oven trays. However, with a little tender loving care, your trays can be rescued and even revived to their original sparkling state.
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Be in the Know about UK Oven Cleaning Products

in Oven Cleaning, Products by Rik Hellewell

Cleaning an oven
Although oven cleaning may seem a quick and simple job, it is surprisingly easy to cause unintended damage. If you’re planning on undertaking an oven clean at home, here’s our expert advice to help you avoid causing any damage that could lead to extensive repairs in the future.
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Add a Pinch of Passion to Your Picnic

in Cooking by Rik Hellewell

Picnic with wine and grapes in nature. In the sunlight

The height of summer is usually a time when the days are long and the air is thick with the smell of barbecues. Unfortunately, it looks as though nature may have left those days behind altogether this year and gone right into winter where we are.

Still, we are an optimistic bunch at Ovenu and we think the sun will be back out before the fast-approaching bank holiday weekend, so here are some ideas for a total winner of a summer picnic for when the sunshine sky comes back into our lives!

So get that oven warmed up, because we’ve got a classic picnic staple on the cards for today – plus one of the best sandwiches you’ll ever taste.

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Dangerous Kitchen Bacteria and How to Beat Them

in Cleaning Tips, Latest News by Rik Hellewell

With the kitchen being a central, sociable area of the house, it’s a place that is often kept clean and tidy. However, despite all the food preparation and cleaning taking place, the kitchen can be a surprisingly germ-filled area, with bacteria lurking where you’d least expect it.
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