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Avoiding the Wrong Cleaning Products: What to Watch Out For

in Latest News by AliM

In the past we’ve explored how caustic soda is a potentially damaging material that is becoming more and more readily available to people wanting to clean their homes.


With more cleaning brands and products coming to market than at any other point in human history, it is more important than ever to ensure that you are picking the right cleaning materials to keep you and your family (and your cat) safe. Read more

The Hidden (and Very Dirty) Truth About Kitchens [Infographic]

in Latest News by AliM

Do you think your kitchen is spick and span? Statistics show: probably not.


Even though we try our hardest, kitchen bacteria hide in unexpected places. Unclean surfaces, sponges and chopping boards can spread bacteria including E. coli, salmonella and listeriosis, which can leave you and your household with nasty food poisoning. A badly disinfected kitchen can even spread the common cold through surfaces infected by rhinoviruses. Read more

Modern Alternatives to the AGA

in Latest News by AliM

As experienced oven-cleaning technicians, we often talk to clients who are thinking about replacing their old AGA. Although its old-world charm and unwavering reliability are unrivalled, the high gas bills and unwanted heat supply in summer can turn into too much of an inconvenience for this day and age. Read more

A Fascinating History of the British Kitchen

in Latest News by AliM

From the smoky hearts of the Middle Ages to the servants-only coal kitchens of the Victorian era, the modern kitchen has made quite a journey to become what it is considered to be today – the most important room of the house, the heart of family and social affairs and generally a warm and welcoming part of the English household.

We take a look at how exactly the kitchen has developed in Britain over the course of time to get to where it is today. Read more

Use an AGA for the Perfect 4-Course Valentine’s Day Dinner

in Latest News by AliM

Do you really want to do something special for Valentine’s Day this year? Surprise your loved one with the perfect four-course Valentine’s Day dinner, home-made with love in your very own AGA! With four separate ovens, each with their own dedicated purpose, as well as enough boiling and simmering plates to hold six average-sized saucepans, an AGA cooker gives you everything you need to make a meal worthy of a Michelin-starred restaurant, but in a more intimate setting. Accompanied by candles and a quality bottle of wine, you have the perfect recipe for a romantic evening in. Read more

British Food Fortnight Competition! Now Closed… winner announced shortly!

in Latest News by AliM

At Ovenu, we’re passionate supporters of British food and drink and love being a part of the industry through our contribution of cleaning up the UK’s ovens! This year, we’d like to celebrate by taking part in British Food Fortnight, a national festival that takes place annually every autumn across the country to highlight British farmers, producers and retailers and the fantastic home grown food and drink they make and the related services they provide. This year the event will be hosted 23rd September to 8th October 2017.

Read more

Indulgent Microwave Mug Cakes Recipes

in Cooking by Rik Hellewell

Mug cake

Want a quick and easy recipe for a delicious and indulgent treat!? Of course you do! If you haven’t heard of them before, microwave mug cakes are as straightforward and as simple as they sound. Combine a few ingredients in a mug and pop it in the microwave to bake for a few minutes. When your microwave pings you’ll be left with a tasty baked dessert! The best thing about them is that no oven’s required and there’s no mess!
Read more

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